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        Welcome to China Shenghua Group Agrochemical Company (SHENGHUA AGROCHEM), one of largest enterprises group in the line of Agrochemicals in China.  

 Company Profile

       Established 1984, SHENGHUA AGROCHEM is a state-level large-scale hi-tech GROUP, designated by the National Ministry of Agriculture and the National Ministry of Chemical Industry.  SHENGHUA AGROCHEM is a union of corporate enterprises linked with each other mainly by capital, diversifying its activities in several fields - including: Crop Protection & Nutrition, Animal Health & Nutrition, Biochemistry, Fine Chemistry, etc.  At present SHENGHUA AGROCHEM has the total assets of RMB30 billion, and with more than 20 subordinates of production, R&D and services.

       SHENGHUA AGROCHEM is ranked as one of twenty largest agrochemical enterprises in China, with the sales volume more than USD350 millions in 2011.

       SHENGHUA AGROCHEM has been awarded ISO 9001 & ISO 14000 accreditation, and in particular thereinto there are three subordinates having achieved the certifications in OHSAS 18000, HACCP, etc.

       On the basis of our reputable credit standing, canonical management and production, excellent quality, good logistics & strong registration backing, while competitive prices, our products have entered the markets of more than 100 countries & regions allover the world, and become more and more popular.

Production, R&D, and Service Sites invo ed of Agrochemicals 

® China Kelinon Agrochemical Co., Ltd.

  ® Shanghai Kelinon Agrochemical Co., Ltd. (www.kelinon.com)

® Ningbo Sega Chemical Co.

® Zhejiang Sega Sci-Tech. Co., Ltd.

 ® Beijing Shenghua Biok Co., Ltd.

 ® Changxing Chemical Co., Ltd.

 ® Lonwan Pesticides Factory

 ® Zhejiang Nanjiao Chemical Co., Ltd.

 ® Yunda Pesticide Manufacture Co., Ltd.

 ® Mingsheng Biochemicals Co., Ltd.

 ® Shangyu Fine-Chemical Research Institute.

 ® Shangyu Agrofar Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

® Beijing Huafeng Agrochemical Serivice Center / China Agrochemicals Network


© National Model Township Enterprise BY Ministry of Agriculture of China, 1992;

© National Large-sized Enterprises BY National Enterprise Classifying Commission, 1995;

© The 42th Largest National Township Enterprise BY Ministry of Agriculture, P.R.C., 1995;

© Zhejiang Provincial Hi-tech Enterprises Outside Hi-tech Zones BY Zhejiang Provincial Commission of Science and  Technology, Zhejiang Provincial Planning Commission, 1995;

  © Key Hi-tech Enterprise under state "Fire Torch" Plan BY National Commission and Technology, 1996;

  © Biological Pesticide Base of China BY Ministry of Agriculture of P.R.C., 1997;

  © The 506th Largest National Industry Enterprise BY National Planning Commission, 1998;

  © National Model Entrepreneur BY Ministry of Labor of P.R.C., 2000; 

  © Commended and honored as Outstanding Township Entrepreneurs for the fourth time successively BY Ministry of Agriculture of P.R.C., 2002.

  © Outstanding agrochemical production & export enterprise BY State Economic & Trade Commision, P.R.C., 2003;  
  © State Key High & New Technological enterprise BY Ministry of Science and Technology, P.R.C., 2003; 
  © Chinese Famous Brand BY General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the P.R.China, 2004
  © China top 10 exporting agrochemical enterprises BY China Pesticide Industry Association, 2004;  
  © China 10 best pesticide enterprises of trust and integrity in management BY China Pesticide Industry Association, 2005;  


         If you have any inquiries, questions or s estion on us or our products, please feel free to contact us: 

1. For our pesticide products export business     http://www.agrofar.com

      E-mail:            [email protected] 

      Shanghai office    Tel: +86-21-65750731, 65751202

                                Fax: +86-21-51010079,  65750398,  +86-21-9695530752
                       Address: 1205, Jinling Int'l Mansion, No 85 Ouyang Road, Hongkou, Shanghai 200081, China

      Beijing office       Tel: +86-10-51666078

                                Fax: +86-10-51666079
                       Address: 12th West Floor, Fancy Garden, No. 6 Xibahe South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100028, China. 

2. For our veterinary products export business    http://www.agrofar.com

      E-mail:     [email protected]       [email protected] 

      Shanghai office    Tel: +86-21-65750731, 65750732

                                Fax: +86-21-51010079, 65750398,  +86-21-9695530752

      Beijing office       Tel: +86-10-51666078

                                Fax: +86-10-51666079

3. For products technology & information            http://www.agrofar.com

      E-mail:    [email protected]

      Shanghai office    Tel: +86-21-65750731, 65224650

                                Fax: +86-21-51010079, 65750398,  +86-21-9695530752

      Beijing office       Tel: +86-10-51666078

                                Fax: +86-10-51666079


4. For logistics, project co-operation, etc            http://www.agrofar.com  

      E-mail:        [email protected] 

      Fax:            +86-21-51010079, +86-21-9695530752,  +852-30141878





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